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JUNE 2017


Board Meeting Minutes of May 24, 2017

by Tracy Halter-Balin, Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm by President Matt Barnett.

Members Present: Matt Barnett, Vickie Elliott, Grace Earl, Tracy Balin, Matt Balin, Linda Neuhaus, John Murrin, Joey Vilaseca and Richard Hawkins. We welcomed visitors Jim and Julia Powell for a portion of the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Matt Balin reported that our 2017 Membership includes 75 households. It was also noted that $413.48 is still being held for Carl’s bike fund. This money will be used for bike repairs at our upcoming picnic and the remainder will be donated to Carl’s church in his memory.

EPAC: Grace reported on the 5/17 meeting with speaker Det. Greg McMullen from the Fraud Unit of LBPD regarding various frauds including digital hacking, ransom ware, door to door sales people and gypsies.

New Neighbors: Joey has delivered 5 welcome baskets recently. Please continue to share information about new neighbors with us so we can warmly welcome them!



Elm Street Band / Park Concert: Elm Street Band / Park Concert: Vickie reported that the date is set for Friday, August 11th. An overview of costs affiliated with this event was discussed. As previously mentioned, we will receive a $2,500 Port of Long Beach Grant. Given the current amount we have ($7,039.50) plus the grant and what we collect at the concert, we are predicting that we will be able to cover this event 2 or 3 more years. Again, this is a very time and energy consuming task to organize and we thank you, Vickie.

Advertisers: John has created an outreach letter to possible businesses who may want to advertise in our newsletter/website. Advertising fees ($100) are good for 12 months from when received. At this point, we have 2 paid advertisers. Please share any ideas with a board member. John also mentioned the ongoing challenge of better fundraisers for the neighborhood. We’ll continue this conversation at our next meeting.

Nextdoor.Com: We’re up to 556 members from our neighborhood. Thanks to Tim Julian for working so hard as our newest lead!

National Night Out: Save the date of 8/1/17 and plan something fun for your block. This is a World-Wide event and this will be the 34th anniversary.



In Memoria: Sadly, quite a few of our neighbors have passed away in recent weeks. We offer our condolences to those families.

By-Laws: All corrections and changes were voted on and passed unanimously. One of our challenges continues to be a Nominating Committee based on our active numbers that attend meetings. We will strive to follow all guidelines.

El Dorado Audubon Report: Grace gave an update on challenges at the Duck Pond and El Dorado Regional Park in general. With our support, she will approach the El Dorado Audubon to let them know that EPSNA will support them in their endeavors to have Parks Dept. rectify all the problems at these two parks.

CONO (Council of Neighborhood Organizations): Matt, Vickie and Grace attended this week’s meeting at the Petroleum Club. Topics included rent control and trash collection throughout the city.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.