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JUNE 2017



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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE by Matthew Barnett

I was recently asked to give an update on the state of our neighborhood and my first response was “life is good in El Dorado Park South” and I truly believe that. Our neighborhood has decent streets with plenty of parking, low crime, is close to a wonderful park and great university, has easy access to freeways and a neighborhood association comprised of volunteers committed to making sure our neighborhood continues to flourish. So yes, life is good in El Dorado Park South.

With that in mind, we do occasionally have some issues arise that deserve some added attention and I’d like to provide a few tips on how each of us can take part in making sure our community continues to prosper.

  1. Get to know your neighbors. Exchange contact information and know their common routines. This can help in cases of emergencies and also help you to spot irregularities such as an unusual visitor while they’re away at work.

  2. Remember to lock your house, garage and car doors. A little bit of precaution on your end can go a long way to prevent quick robberies.

  3. Download the “Go Long Beach” app. Use it to easily report common issues to the city such as sidewalk/street repairs, graffiti removal, road kill removal and/or tree trimming.

  4. Remember that fraud is real. Be wary of door-to-door solicitors and unexpected calls. Remember that if your bank (or any other company) calls you, you can always hang up and call them back using a number on your bank card/checks or from online.

  5. Lastly, get involved in the El Dorado Park Neighborhood Association. We meet regularly, discuss relevant issues and plan events meant to bring our community together.

I hope that you are all enjoying your summer and will stop by our annual picnic on June 24th.Our annual summer picnic in the park will take place in June

     Matthew Barnett